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Would you like to volunteer to help make the new Hershey Community Center a reality? Please contact us to let us know how you’d like to help.

We are looking for people to help fund-raise and host fundraising events!

Contact us at

Interested in helping out?  Join these community members to help bring this dream to life.

Honorary Chair: Michele Buck, CEO, The Hershey Company

Honorary Campaign Committee Members:

Jack Bogrette, Jennifer Buchanan, Tom Davis, Luke Drayer, Jim George, Michael Leader, Bruce McKinney, Alex Roca, Ross & Patti Santangelo, Paul & Maria Thompson

Campaign Steering Committee:

Susan Cort
Christine Drexler
Derek Dunham
Phil Friedrich
Doug Nicotera
Joyce Marks
Shel Parker
Tony Potter
Ken Ryland
Jeff Snavely
Melissa Weigle

Campaign Volunteers:

Chris Abruzzo
Brenda Berman
Debra Blacker
Kevin Blacker
Maribeth Briggs
Miles Daub
Lindsay Drew
Angie Dye
Chip Dye
Carmen Eichman
Kevin Ferguson
Jennifer Kesterson
Sally Kurtz
Elaine Maloy
Laurie Miller Petersen
Lynn Neely
Doug Nicotera
Crystal Oyerly
Heather Paterno
Pam Ruddle
Stephanie Shaw
Terry Singer

Derry Township Supervisors:  Chris Abruzzo, Susan Cort, Natalie Nutt, Carter Wycoff, Rick Zmuda

Derry Township Parks & Recreation Director, Matt Mandia

Derry Township Manager, Christopher Christman

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