Benefits to the Community

The construction of a new community center provides far more than just increased recreational opportunities.  There will be considerable economic and other material benefits to the community.  These benefits include:

  • Much-needed multifunction space that can be used for recreational programs and also used by community groups for their meetings and programs, or rented by community members
  • Including the Senior Center as a part of the project will make the center a community hub and create the opportunity for inter-generational programming and learning
  • The ability to finally address the gap in the availability of after school programming – especially for middle school students
  • Further collaboration and sharing of space between the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Hershey Public Library will allow for expansion of services of both departments
  • Increased availability of aquatic space due to the inclusion of a 25-yard, 10-lane pool
  • Increased availability for recreational lap swimming for community members
  • Increased availability for the Hershey High School swim and diving teams
  • The ability to host some swim meets, diving and synchronized swimming events, Special Olympics, basketball, volleyball, pickleball and other aquatic and athletic events