Capital Campaign

Building a state-of-the-art community center, will require the community to come together in support of this project.

The project will be funded through a variety of sources.  The Township has developed a funding approach that includes local and state resources in addition to a capital campaign.  In order to make this project a reality, a community-based capital campaign goal is underway. So far, approximately 2.7 million dollars has been pledged.

Your help will make it happen.  We encourage you to consider investing in the future of recreation in our community.  Your tax-deductible donation to the Derry Township Community Center Capital Campaign is an investment in transforming lives. It is an investment in a healthier community – for today and for decades to come.

Many naming opportunities have been established for leadership level donations and pledge payments may be made at the frequency of your choosing over five-years’ time.

We envision a community where recreational opportunities abound and community groups have ample space to continue the work of making Derry Township an incredible place to live, work and play.  The new Derry Township Community Center will provide just that for our community.

Won’t you be a part of this effort?  Your generous consideration and support of  any amount is deeply appreciated.


If you are making a donation and wish to reserve a naming opportunity, please note your preference. You will receive confirmation of your selection and if the commemorative opportunity is no longer available, a campaign volunteer will be in touch to discuss other options.

$500,000 level

  • Outdoor Pool (reserved)

$400,000 level

  • Senior Center (reserved)

$350,000 level

  • Competition Pool

$250,000 level

  • Indoor Leisure Pool (reserved)

$100,000 level

  • Pre-Function Senior Center Lobby (reserved) 
  • Main Entry Vestibule Lobby (reserved) 
  • Fitness Center (reserved)
  • Competition Pool Spectator Gallery (reserved)
  • Aquatics Lobby – Leisure Pool (reserved)
  • Banquet Room / Event Rental (reserved)
  • Gymnasium / Basketball Court (reserved)

$50,000 level

  • Leisure Pool Locker Rooms
  • Competition Pool Scoreboard
  • Cafe/Concession (reserved)
  • Leisure Pool Waterslide
  • Administrative Offices (reserved)
  • Outdoor Patio (reserved)
  • Swimmer Seating Area
  • Indoor Leisure Pool Playground

$25,000 level

  • Community Living Room (reserved)
  • Lifeguard Office (reserved)
  • Large Group Fitness/Party Room (reserved)
  • Teen Area (reserved)
  • Outdoor Concession (reserved)
  • Outdoor Check In (reserved)
  • Kitchen (reserved)
  • Conference Room
  • Flex Space
  • Classroom 1 (reserved)
  • Classroom 2
  • Small Group Fitness Room (reserved)
  • Spinning Room
  • Meet Management Overlook
  • Aquatics Office
  • First Aid Room
  • Indoor Track –  (reserved)
  • Competition Pool Entrance 1 – (reserved)
  • Competition Pool Entrance 2 – (reserved)

$10,000 level

  • Competition Pool Starting Blocks (7/9 reserved)
  • Outdoor Spray Features (2/3 reserved)
  • Senior Center Executive Director’s Office (reserved)
  • Senior Assistance Office
  • Senior Lobby Desk (reserved)
  • People Mover’s Office (reserved)
  • Senior Vestibule
  • Information Screens (reserved)
  • Senior Center Coffee Station
  • Group Exercise Area  (reserved)

$5,000 level

  • Name listed on Donor Recognition Wall in the Community Center lobby